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Baroka Creations, Inc. Barocut 3D Model
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We, at Baroka Creations, are committed to quality and regard it as our guideline through the process of creating the finest jewels possible. We felt the need to create a new rectangular shaped diamond to replace the "old" traditional shapes.

After sitting at the drawing board and sketching tremendous amounts of blueprints, we finally created the ultimate solution - the Barocut Diamond.

The Barocut Diamond is a baguette-like diamond, but has the facets and the depth of a princess cut diamond. The light is reflected from one facet to another and then dispersed through the top of the stone.

These patented dazzling stones generate greater brilliance and life due to double the facets normally found in traditional comparable shaped cuts. The Barocut Diamonds actually show 2 hearts (point to point) inside the stone.

The Barocut is also available in tapered shapes.

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